Friday Freebies- Play Fruit Printables

Cute stuff is not only for children :)
Print out the templates and fold it accordingly to create your own fruit basket :)

The Best Decoration We Have Even Seen

This is hands down the most beautifully decorated event we have ever seen. The whole feeling of it pulls us in as if we were there. The light, pop out colors against the green of the woods creates a contrast in harmony. The lighting strewn across the branches makes it seem like a village festival. Let's fall in love again!!!

All images from The House That Lars Built

3D Diamonds For Decoration

Cotton Thread Diamond by The Things She Makes

 We have seen tribal patterns and geometric shape designs, and now the latest trend is diamonds. The 3D and 2D diamonds are created using  different kinds of textures, medias and techniques.

 Hanging diamonds by Sugar and Cloth

 Concrete diamond by AMM Blog

If you are into origami, you can try to fold these paper diamonds from minieco.
Download the template and make your own little paper diamonds. :)

A Geometric Patch Work Quilt

We love this modern triangular geometric patch work quilt from AGF Studio found on Hawthorne Threads.

And there's more!

Cute Food. We Are Craving For Sweet, Pink Deserts


The sun is blasting at the moment, the air-conditioning is running and the birds are chirping. We are absolutely craving for a refreshing  desert right now and so we decided to round up some breathtakingly delicious pink deserts for you. Yummm.....

Friday Freebies DIY Awesome Gift Wrapping Ideas For Kids

Mismatching  wrapping paper is always an eye sore at birthday parties. No matter how pretty the decoration is, the present stack seems to be in a world of their own at times. So here are a few DIYs to keep your gifts in the scene and match the decoration.

1. Mousy Mouse Presents
2. Honeycomb Balloons
3. Miao Miau Amelie Gift
4. Pompom pressie

cute little pompoms

If you have a printer, you can even print out your own wrapping paper.
Click on the links and download the files to print.
Mod Floral Wrapping Paper by  Sarah Hearts and Geometric Wrapping paper by Something Peach.

 Have fun!!


DIY Painted Rock Dominos

These cute hand painted rocks from Carme Navarro Gonzales are awesome for outdoor activities.

DIY Using Washi Tape to Decorate Your Walls

Masking tape has long been used for the walls, but has now changed function. It used to be used for stencils/ creating borders on the wall and covering door and window frames from paint. However now it is widely used for decorating as it can be done in any way you like and can be changed from time to time.
Washi tape comes either plain or patterned and comes in multiple tones.
Here are a few ideas to use around the home.

Washi tape DIY
1. Fifteen Eleven
2. Geometric
3. Mommo Design
4. Mommo Design.nl
5. Gewinnerauslosung


Bored of your old baskets that don't seem to fit in anymore? Add a bit of color by DIY-ing  using neon wool, or cotton thread and weave through the basket in any patterns that you wish. Design Improvised came up with this idea and weaved a few of her old baskets. We are going to try this idea any day now :)


Open Shelving in The Kitchen. Love It or Hate It?

Open shelving in your kitchen, to do or not to do?
Personally, we wouldn't dare to use open shelves in the kitchen area, imagining how dusty and greasy it gets in such a short period. Many of the fabulous kitchens that we see on the net are pleasant to view, but lack functionality. Maybe a single shelf with just a few items on it that is easily reached will work, but ceiling high shelves will breed a lot of spiders in their life span.

Open shelving in the kitchen is just an aesthetic luxury created by interior designers without considering the time and effort it takes to clean and maintain. I am sure that home owners will look back after a few years and reconsider their decision in open shelves.

Do you use open shelving in your kitchen? Let us know how you feel about it.

A Round Up Of Golden Bathroom Fixtures


We have seen it look tacky, but when color  coordinated and placed nicely, golden bathroom fixtures add a rich cleanliness to the bathroom. The only thing to consider is that gold fixtures stand out and will easily cramp up a space. So remember to keep the area tidy and sleek.

Our Fashion Choice of The Day

Today, we are in love with this beige and black striped draped front cardigan from She fashion.It would look so good matched with a pair of jeans and some ballerina flats.


Wanderlust Monday- The Best Travel Quotes Pictures

Three Simple, Cute Things For Your Little One

This pastel colored natural canvas backpack by Pack Bags are naturally dyed and hand processed.
A pack as such will look good on any child :)

 Cuteness OVERLOAD.... We never imagined how something so boring can turn into something so adorable and functional. The cute coat rack found on Miss Moss features little heads with screws as eyes, and soft edges to make sure no coats get damaged when tugged on. Aww....

If you have the time, patience and will to make paper mache head mounts, then this is your perfect DIY.

This Mountain Bear head can't get any cuter :)